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BMW/Mercedes-Benz/Porsche Fiber Optic MOST Adapter BMW/Mercedes-Benz/Porsche Fiber Optic MOST Adapter
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This Fiber Optic(MOST) adapter allows you to retain the factory(Mercedes-Benz/Porsche/BMW) MOST amplifier audio system(Harman/Kardon or BOSE) when installing ANY aftermarket radios. The output from all speakers including subwoofer and premium sound quality. This makes for a nice clean easy install. ..
$201 $404
This canbus decoder allows you retain steering wheel control buttons, auto reverse image, buttons lights via headlamps etc. This adapter is only compatible with our Android 10 head units. Compatibility: BMW 3 Series Saloon (E90) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 BMW 3 Series Tou..
This canbus decoder will retain car’s steering wheel control buttons (volume, track, mode, phone etc) auto dimming radio’s light with headlamps on, auto reverse for aftermarket backup camera etc.  This canbus is not suitable for factory reversing camera and amplifier. Please contact us if you need ..
To retain factory amplifier and high quality sound system this is the Canbus decoder for toyota JBL Amplifier.  Cars without JBL amplifier does not need this canbus.  It works only with our head units. Not compatible with other manufacturer’s head units. Please don’t buy separately.  ..
CDC MOST Audio adapter for BMW 7 series E65 E66
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If your BMW car is equipped with CDC (CD Changer) and there is no AUX and you want to upgrade your Screen then you need this adapter to retain car’s original Fiber Optic sound system. The installation is plug and play...
$201 $338
Cigarette Lighter Tire Pressure Monitoring System Cigarette Lighter Tire Pressure Monitoring System
-35 %
Car TPMS Cigarette Lighter Tire Pressure Monitoring System W/ 4 Internal Sensor   Features Monitor tire pressure and temperature status in real time. Transmit real-time auditory alarm and visual warning to remind the driver of driving safety. Wireless intelligent TMPS, with intelligent sleep mo..
$86 $134
This is the camera of choice for Dodge Ram owners. It is a Sony CCD camera embedden into a custom tailgate handle camera designed specifically for use on the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. The camera completely replaces the the factory tailgate handle giving a custom camera install without having to d..
$134 $147
FM transmitter for cars with no AUX
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If your car does not have AUX-IN function, then you need this item to make the sound come out from car speakers. How to use: 1. Connect the FM transmitter box to audio out of navigation system and power wires. 2. Setup the frequency on FM transmitter box, for example 87.7MHZ 3. Adjust the FM on you..
$66 $88
Front view & Rear view Camera Switch Box Front view & Rear view Camera Switch Box
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Front view & Rear view Camera Switch Box Displaying DVD image when it turns on * When the blue line(wire 3) gets power(from positive of reverse light), it displays the rear view image, does not display the front view or DVD image, the switch button does not work * When the blue line lose power, it ..
$134 $201
HD 1920P Mini in Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recorder HD 1920P Mini in Car Dash Camera DVR Video Recorder
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Our smallest car DVR with HD 1920P resolution can clearly record your journey, with the handy bracket you can easily mount the camera on the front windscreen of your car. It's small size helps make it discreet and portable. The Camera can automatically detect when the vehicle starts enabling it to c..
$107 $134
Mercedes Benz Porsche Aftermarket Head Unit Extension Cord for fiber optic most amplifier
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MOST Mercedes Benz and Porsche come with factory fiber optics audio system. The audio signal is not the same as aftermarket head unit. In this case, there will be no audio at all after install the aftermarket navigation head unit. And you need this product. One end connects to the aftermarket head u..
$80 $93
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