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Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 backup Camera System

Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 backup Camera System
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Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 backup Camera System
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Warning!!! For some reasons(we do not know),the guide lines does not move when turn the steering wheel on some Touaregs, it only displays the reverse image with fixed guide lines, please acknowledge this before placing the order.

Some Touaregs with RNS850 navigation system does not come with OEM backup camera when you buy the car, but you can add this aftermarket tailgate handle reverse view camera. Then you will get the reverse view image on the screen just like an OEM parking radar system. You will cost only a little money instead of US$1000 for an OEM backup camera.

Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 Rear View Camera fits for:

2011-2017 Volkswagen Touareg RNS850 without factory OEM reverse camera(Not suitable for RCD 550)

Useful resources
Please read below links how to find the PDC and reviews for this product.

Installation instructions
Installation and reviews from clubtouareg forum(LHD)
Installation and reviews from mytreg forum(RHD)
PDC position on RHD Touareg

    1. This product only work with RNS850, it does not fit for RCD550.
    2. Your vehicle must have PDC(Parking Distance Control) system.
    3. Please check below photo. The PDC box is right on top of the driver side fuse box, towards the windshield. It has three connectors, the one we need is the lowest one(CAN plug), with 16 pins. Your vehicle must have this plug then you can install our product. Otherwise please do not buy this product.

touarge PDC CAN plug

1. Hightlights of this product
* Totally plug and play, the sets will get power from CAN BUS directly. No need to power the camera via reverse light.
* The camera come with sony ccd chip, support night vision.
* The interface transfer video signal to HU via CAN-BUS, it will not affect the original functions, just like the OEM reverse view camera.
* Display accurate parking guidance lines.
* Automatically display reverse image when you shift the gear.

2. Interface Accessories

3. Sony CCD Camera Special for Touareg

4. Installation Effect

5. Wiring Diagram

7. Installation


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